Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Simple and Cool

     This post is two fold.  First is my design style and second is to show you transformation from the real world to my world.
     One of my preferences in art is simple.  This is hilarious because to get there is an unholy mess of a work space by the time I am finished.  I'll spare you those pictures for now.  Scraps of paper everywhere.  I store the tiny pieces in a box and recycle when it's full.  To illustrate I put a photo of a building in Oakland that is near to my heart and the paper version I see in my head and have created for many friends.
     As you can see I boiled it down to shades of white. (The three shades of white is the fabulous cardstock from Yes there are much more going on in the front of the temple.  What you see is actually the stairs to the next level up which is a lovely vista point to the San Francisco Bay behind the temple.  But with simplicity in mind the stairs are not what I want people to remember when they see the temple hung up on a wall. It's the spires.
     Through photography you can get most of what this medium does but I would like to last point out that the spires are coated in glitter.  I cannot light them up as they are in real life, but I can make them sparkle in my own way.

    Now for point number two.  The Oakland LDS Temple is also a perfect example of how I see the world.  I've been playing with paper for years that now I see a building, a painting, a photo and immediately see the layers, the colors, the basic shapes that "make" the object.  I taught a friend in the past how to do this and she hopped on board which cemented my view on the world.  One of us would nudge the other when we would hang out and say "wouldn't that be cool done in paper?"  Unfortunately she is now doing it solo as am I but I still have that voice in my head.
     On my pinterest site I have a few pictures in the craft and art board that say those words to me.  "We would look really cool done on paper."


Side Note for my Paper Addicts: Check out The Paper Source for amazing paper, and kits to make art on your own.  I have bought a few paper kits to figure out how they did that!  My favorites are the water lily and poppies.  I stuck the lily to my walls and the poppies are my centerpiece at my dinner table. The magnolia kit is advances so take your time putting those together.  They are not paying me to advertise, I'm just a big fan.

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  1. Love your paper work mind. It decorates my home with amazing art work!