Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Princess problems, puzzles and pencils.

Dear internet.  It's been pleasant talking to the wide open spaces.  So now just a little thinking out loud via blog post.

Countdown to Disneyland.  Contemplating my Princess history.  Every little girl does it.  Their first princess movie and the ties that it creates.
The "Completed" Aurora was done in 09 and was from a coloring book.  I did the details in pencil. PENCIL! Oh the shame.  A little older and wiser now, with much more experience gives me new plans for a larger, cleaner Aurora, complete with face and fingers.  If it works out then woodland creatures are out.  
The process I use has changed in some ways.  Now I draw these faces over and over, and some parts work in one drawing and the rest works in others.  The one part that doesn't change is taking the drawing(s) to the light box and making a puzzle of it.  Good thing I like puzzles.  Some pieces are obvious but when it comes to folds of a skirt it is important to label them.  Time to take the scissors out.  Admittedly I could cut pieces straight from the drawing using the light-box but the paper I want to use is too thick to see the drawing even with the light.

Once upon a dream...


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