Monday, December 17, 2012

Sick day

In order to keep my Facebook from turning into a diary I'll rant here.
Woke up with the voice of a chain smoking lounge singer earned a day home.
The artwork of Belle getting the library went over really well!  Her dad loved it as well and I think I may get another commission.  Which means looking up Woodie cars.  I love a challenge.

This day will be full of party prep for my annual Christmas Craft Party. (Lot of baking.) And less glamorous tasks of laundry and finding the other half to the most amazing socks ever.  (The last one is a must!)

First Christmas present is also in my possession.  The most glorious purse ever.  It even smells glorious.  I don't have pics yet, but trust me.

Unfinished Art Project checklist
Sleeping Beauty (Forest creatures)
Eve (Rethink)
Midsummer Night's Dream (Rethink)
Cinderella (She is a hot mess.)

Need to make an angel (The sketch is awesome, I'm hoping it works)

My first post without a picture.  Wow.


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