Thursday, January 24, 2013

new project, art show

So I know I am practically talking to myself, so this is a great opportunity to vent and plan and hopefully create.

I have a new assignment at work, which was supposedly ending next Friday, and now no one knows when the permanent employee is returning.  This was fine because then I could take a day off or take a half day assignment to focus on next weeks art show in town.  I am super excited about the project I want to bring in as well as my mermaid.  This is a juried show so I am not guaranteed a spot.  But the sketch is done and I have great hopes for this one.
I finished another Cinderella and I still think it is lacking.  It isn't a hot mess so at least that is an improvement.
This means I'm hoping Wendy isn't hiding the pixie dust from me when I create her escape in paper.

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