Monday, August 18, 2014

I've been busy.

So I've done a few complex pieces this year. Some I love, and some will be ignored in the anti brag book. I will post one that needs to be re-done later. For now, there are two I am happy with. First, I was in landscape mode. I wanted to try a cottage without Snow White or Aurora peeking out the window.   I saw a photo of the cutest house and sketched out a similar one.  When I cut out the main house I liked the texture of one side of the paper more than the other, so I flipped the design.

There was also the need to do another princess. I did snow white first, and its a hot mess design wise. I thought I would be cursed. All my Cinderella attempts were not to my liking, and now
Snow White was wrong.  Undaunted, I sketched an Aurora in the forest. After doing her face four different ways I am pleased. I am a fan of the bunnies. They are just too cute.



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