Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Girl interrupted

Almost ready. It just needs something. I'll leave her be until I know what else. I'm sure there will be more hair going every which way. But will there be more stars? Will there be flashes of sparks coming from her lantern? One thing is certain... I love that scarf.


Light the way

So I was sketching in church... Ok I'm always sketching at church.  And I was obsessed with the idea of creating a girl holding a light source.  This became a winter scene with a flowing scarf and a lantern.  I blew it up and I fell in love with the face (It has a Disney feel to it, right?).  I redrew it several times on a dark skin color because I felt she could be a dark complexion.  In the end I went with a mid tone so I could light box this sketch onto the final paper.

Progress shot of the face placed over the sketch.  Wait until you see the scarf.  Almost went blind with the stripes. (And the scarf got longer than original sketch.)